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November 10th

All New!

Gov. Paul LePage is winding up his time in the Blaine House, but finding a few minutes to make a final visit to "The Nite Show" while still in office. Gov. LePage wraps up his 2-term stint as Maine's Governor in January when a newly elected Mainer takes over. Election Day in Maine is being held the Tuesday before this show airs.

Tom "Bones" Malone is a multi-talented musician who has performed with - arranged for - and been an integral part of - such showbiz legendary bands as Paul Shaffer & The CBS Orchestra (Letterman); The Blues Brothers Band; and the Saturday Night Live Band. Malone performs regularly with the country's top musicians around the world and is consistently in high demand for his musical talents.

Tickets for the live taping of "The Nite Show" to see Gov. LePage as a guest and Tom "Bones" Malone sitting in with the band (Wednesday, Nov. 7) are available here