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April 1st

All new!

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the original Nite Show!

On the original version of the show, Ric Tyler & Mike Dow were two of the show's most frequent guests, sometimes appearing together. Then a weather forecaster at WVII in Bangor, Ric Tyler would join up with then-Z107.3 DJ Mike Dow to create some of the show's more memorable moments, including a skit with "Angus, the Old Drunk Bitter Scottish Guy," a performance of Cinnamon Girl," and a canned-ham presentation and guest appearance on the final episode of the original run of The Nite Show in 1999. Today, Ric and Mike are two of the most well known radio personalities, each hosting very popular morning shows on radio stations that cover a wide swath of land from Eastern to Southern Maine. Ric can be heard mornings on WVOM (103.9/Bangor, 101.3/Augusta, and AM 1470 in Rockland) and Mike can be heard on The Big Morning Show on Big 104 (104.7/Bangor; 104.3/Augusta, and 107.7/Bar Harbor).

As the story goes, Dan was sitting in a bar in Hallowell one night, listening to Alter Igor perform, thinking, "It's too bad that people can't see bands like this on TV." And that was a driving force for bringing The Nite Show back to television. Alter Igor was the first musical guest on the revival of the show in 2010, and has returned many times sense to mark various occasions. They're back once again, performing to mark the 20th anniversary of the original show.