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May 6th

All new!

Celebrating our 400th show!

Between 1997 - 2001, The Nite Show aired on two local Bangor stations, amassing 135 episodes of a local version of a late night talk show. When the show returned in 2010 in Bangor and Portland, nobody knew what to expect. If you had told anyone that we would be celebrating our 400th total show, we might have laughed in your face.

Now, in 2017, the 400th show is upon us, and to help us celebrate, we welcome back someone who has been an inspiration and now is an old friend, Marc Summers. Marc hosted "Double Dare" on Nickelodeon, "What Would You Do?" on Nickelodeon, "Unwrapped" on the Food Network, and countless other shows. He is the subject of a documentary called "On Your Marc," set to be released later this year. He makes his third (WHAT? THIRD??? Yes. Third.) appearance on The Nite Show.