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March 4th

All new!

Rebecca Adams joined The Nite Show as a guest for a show we did "live" from Joe's house. It aired in the post-post-post Super Bowl slot in 2016, sometime around 1:25 a.m. So she is TECHNICALLY making her second appearance on The Nite Show, chatting about the show "Heroes of Cosplay" which featured her - and other Cosplayers - during its run on SyFy in 2013. She'll also be chatting about covering the NY Toy Fair, an upcoming appearance at Portcon in Portland, and her work with the American Heart Association!

Adam Hatch has appeared on The Nite Show a couple of times as a stand-up comic, and once as a celebrity Roaster on The Nite Show Roast of George Hale. Adam performs regularly throughout the state and the region and always keeps crowds laughing!