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April 8th

All new!

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the original Nite Show!

When "The Nite Show" first began in 1997, Thomas Morelli had a show on the same station we started on called "The Thomas Morelli Show." Thomas was also half of the morning duo on WVOM - Bangor's news/talk radio station. When he first visited The Nite Show in our inaugural year, he walked on set with a guitar case full of beer cans, and half a manequin. Despite several changes to The Nite Show over the 20 year history, Tom's unique brand of silly and zany has always been welcome. These days, Tom plays in The Allison Ames Band, runs Thomas Morelli Photography, and is a successful author.

The Allison Ames Band is one of the few bands that played on the original version of The Nite Show and the current version. Like our show, The Allison Ames Band went on a break for a while somewhere in between the '90s and the 2010s, but they are back and more popular than ever, returning to The Nite Show stage for the 5th time, including an acoustic performance from Allison and Tom Morelli at Joe Kennedy's house seen on CBS stations statewide after Super Bowl 50.