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October 6th

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Ed Asner is simply a legend. Known for playing Lou Grant in both "Mary Tyler Moore" and his own spinoff "Lou Grant," he's also claimed the role of Santa Claus in the Christmastime staple "Elf," and the voice of Carl in "Up," among his many, many roles over his career. These days, the EMMY-Award Winning Asner is touring his one-man show, "A Man and his Prostate," which is his hilarious take on a visit to the hospital in preparation for surgery he really didn't want.

Tickets to see Ed Asner at Bangor's Gracie Theatre for "A Man and His Prostate" (Thursday, Oct. 4) are available here.

Tickets for the live taping of "The Nite Show" to see Ed Asner as a guest (Wednesday, Oct. 3) are available here