Show News

Not our show…just this week’s taping. But we couldn’t resist the clickbait. (Sorry!)
IMG_1272.JPGWe are sorry to say that due to the forecast for inclement weather affecting the area Tuesday evening into Wednesday, we are canceling the taping of "The Nite Show with Danny Cashman" scheduled for Wednesday night.

Because we record at The Gracie Theatre and so many students of the New England School of Communications at Husson University are included in the crew, when/if Husson cancels classes due to snow, we cannot record our show. Rather than wait until Wednesday morning, we determined that the forecast looked harsh enough that we should plan accordingly now.
Our next taping is not far away: Wednesday, February 27. Rob Caldwell & Amanda Hill of “207” were scheduled for this week and plan to return for that taping. Samuel James was also scheduled for this week’s taping and we are working on rescheduling him as well. If you would like free tickets to join us on Feb. 27, please click here:
StageShot.jpgWe are sorry to have to cancel, but we hope you understand. There will still be an all-new episode of The Nite Show this weekend on TV. It won’t be a normal episode (for what we hope are obvious reasons). Next weekend will be a repeat and then we’ll be back with new stuff on Saturday, March 2.
In 9 seasons of doing our show before a live studio audience including several tapings during Maine winter months, this is only the second time we have had to cancel due to weather. We’ve been pretty lucky, all things considered.
We hope to see you with us on Wednesday, Feb. 27 at the Gracie Theatre for our next live taping of The Nite Show!